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Health and Safety for Property Developers

Keeping you as safe as houses

Planning your next project? A solid health and safety plan can help you to ensure it’s a success. Saint Safety specialise in working with the construction, built-environment and property development sectors to protect staff and keep businesses compliant.

Building your health & safety strategy from the ground up

Your team is the backbone of your business, without them everything would fall apart. There’s no better way to protect your employees, and your business, than by investing in a health and safety strategy. We’ll create a tailor made plan that works for your business.

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What sets us apart

Packages to suit your business

From risk assessments, inspections and on-site audits to written policies, fire safety, support and expert advice on all areas of health and safety, Saint Safety can help with it all.

Keeping compliant

Health and safety compliance is ensuring your team gets home to their loved ones safely, protecting your business, and keeping you on the right side of the law.

We don't judge

Our team pride themselves on their non-judgmental approach. You’ll receive support, encouragement and expert advice from our experienced team.


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