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Health and Safety for Architects

Don’t fall at the first hurdle

Saint Safety has gained a vast amount of experience in working with architects to help bring their designs to life, safely and securely. We specialise in working with the construction, built-environment and property development sectors to protect staff and keep businesses compliant.

Health and safety designed around your business

Worried about not having enough time to consider the health and safety aspect of your business? Our experienced team will be able to handle it all, giving you more time to focus on bringing your vision to life. We’ll make sure your project is compliant with the latest health and safety guidelines and most importantly, keep your team safe.

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What sets us apart

We'll take care of everything

From risk assessments, inspections and on-site audits to written policies, fire safety, support and expert advice on all areas of health and safety, Saint Safety can help with it all.

Helping you stay compliant

Health and safety compliance is ensuring your team gets home to their loved one safely, protecting your business, and keeping you on the right side of the law.

We don't preach

Our team pride themselves on their non-judgmental approach. You’ll receive support, encouragement and expert advice from our experienced team.


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